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Who Are We

Who We Are

Dova is a new cryptocurrency and exchange platform that connects merchants, vendors, processors, and financial institutions in order to provide the ability to seamlessly trade and process crypto and real world currencies and transactions.

DOVA tokens are ERC20 tokens based off the Ethereum blockchain and are the universal transactional coins for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and real-world currencies. It is the token that drives every transaction and payment on the exchange.

We will develop the exchange, APIs, exchange account management app, and payment gateway platform, etc. and bring the adoption of cryptocurrency into the mainstream and become the de facto exchange for cryptocurrencies.

Why people
Choosing Dova
Smart Dova Wallet

A robust mobile app to accept debit, credit, and crypto for small businesses. Manage customers and grow with actionable analytics.

Dova Peer 2 Peer

An easy to use mobile app to initiate peer 2 peer transfers with friends. Send via credit, debit or crypto and deposit the next day to your bank account.

Dova Payment Data

Merchants can purchase data with Dova tokens to see anonymized spending patterns from their ideal look-alike customers.

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